Ciao Tutti!!

This post begins the third, and final year of life abroad for this married couple. We’re starting this year with a single goal: frequency. When we go home and I start talking about the piddly little things that we/I encounter seemingly randomly, friends & family always respond the same way- that, you should write about that. So this year, that’s what we’re doing. It’ll be a sort of compilation of snapshots, if you will.

Now, don’t be misled, this blog space is still a platform for narratives, reflections, and musings. I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of the copious and crazy thoughts that filter through my brain on a regular basis. You might just routinely find smaller posts popping up in your newsfeed or inbox. Or, you might not. It all depends on what happens in a day.

We’re going to start off our snapshot collection with two little snippets. Get pumped.

Tidbit 1May 2016, Circolo Arci II Risorgimento, Ponte alla Badia

inside dining room at the Circolo

Rich and I are eating dinner in the garden of this establishment. This Circolo may not serve the most delicious food in Florence but it’s charming, the people are delightful, and it’s in our neighborhood. It’s open three days a week for dinner (starting at 7pm) and weekdays for lunch.

A quarter of the way into dinner (two pizzas, a Greek salad and a salami plate), we realize we don’t have enough cash to cover the cost of our bill. I reassure Rich, “No problem hun, I’m sure they take bancomat cards here.”

Wrong, Morgan. You’re wrong.

But since we’re in Italy, and since we’re eating at a neighborhood establishment that we’ve been to several times before, it doesn’t matter that we don’t have enough money to pay for dinner. We explain the situation to our waitress and she responds, “No problem! Enjoy! You can come back tomorrow and pay. Or the next day. Or whenever.”

Whenever. You can come back whenever to pay for a dinner that you’re already eating. Sure.

Tidbit 2April 2016, Via della Fortezza

Our next scene occurs in a doctor’s office. I decided I should probably get a check up and establish a relationship with an English speaking doctor while we’re here. God forbid something happens, it’s nice to know someone in the medical profession.

Brief sidenote: the doctor’s office had windows. Floor to ceiling windows covered with white curtains that were thick enough to ensure privacy but sheer enough to allow streaming sunlight. And, as I sat on the examining bed there, I realized that our typical doctor’s office (or at least the examining rooms) don’t have windows. We’re usually led through a labyrinth of hallways to a room with one or two terrible paintings and a closed door. And, you know what? It’s really nice to be able to see outside in an examination room. Makes ya feel a little less “rat in a lab” and a little more “person in a room.”

a similar feeling doctor’s office

But back to the tidbit. So, had a check-up, made the doctor my new friend, and then went to pay for the visit. At which point the secretary informed us the bancomat machine wasn’t working. Based on her less than surprised reaction, this occurrence was not a rarity. “Don’t worry about it,” she said, “you can pay the next time you come in.”

“But we have cash,” we said.

“It’s fine,” she said.

Not only did we not pay for medical services before they even happened, we were trusted to come back again, with no future appointment, to pay for the services that were rendered. Can you even imagine?

Trust people. Maybe we’re just not giving/accepting enough of it.

Until the next post,

con amore,






3 thoughts on “Tuscan Tidbits

  1. Well if in America with no way of paying they would put you in jail………Enjoy every minute. Unfortunately your last year there will go by very quickly.
    Sending Love & Kisses to you both!!!


  2. Your are a magnificent story teller! Julie & Julia (or whatever the movie was) has nothing on you! Thanks for sharing, I so enjoy 🙂 xo CJ


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