This year is the first I’ve experienced International Woman’s Day as a thing. Has it always been a thing and I never realized it? Do Europeans give more credence to such an important day? I have no idea. What I will tell you is that the Italians call it Festa delle Donne which literally translates to: Party of the Women. Which is incredible.

neighbors on Lady Day

I’m assuming that different parts of the world mark this day (or don’t mark it if


you’re in the wrong part of the world) in different ways. In Florence, the day is marked with mimosas, free entry to all of the state museums, and free treats. Now, I know what you’re thinking and I have some disappointing news: mimosas are a kind of flower. Flowers are delightful and these ones are yellow and sunshine-y but come on, let’s be honest, handing out the drink on street corners would have been way better.

I spent a large part of the day with a friend who lives in our building and is affectionately called, “neighbor friend.” This neighbor friend also happens to be an art historian and so she knows almost everything about the various collections of art that Florence holds. She’ll tell you she doesn’t but it’s a lie, she’s a genius. We decided to go to the Bargello to start off Lady Day. The Bargello used to be the House of Justice and still contains prison cells on the bottom floor which have since been renovated into bathrooms.

The Bargello

I know.

This museum is known for its sculptures. Do you know the David Donatello sculpted? The one where he’s wearing a hat? It’s there. You know what else is there?

David with a hat

Buckets of stuff. My brain neglects to fathom the vast amount of historical artifacts we have until stepping into one of these museums. Who found this stuff? Where did it come from? How much is it worth? How come people don’t carve things out of marble anymore? How come the Catholic church owns so many things? So many questions. So many sculptures.

Anyways, back to the importance of ladies. Post museum poking, neighbor friend and I grabbed a quick lunch at this delightful spot. She headed off to a second museum and I headed home to do a few chores and lesson planning (I know, it’s not Lady Day like but I mean, it was a Tuesday). On the way home, I stopped in Piazza della Duomo to hear an acapella group perform because those are just the kinds of things that happen on Lady Day.

lady day lunching

Hope all of my fellow ladies out there had a delightful March 8th and maybe even a wonderful March 9th too because who said Lady Day just had to be one day?

Con affetto,



3 thoughts on “Lady Day

  1. I do believe we need to make a ” National Lady Day” in the U.S. We have a day to honor everything else. I’m going to contact Hallmark.

    Less than a month until we see you!!!!



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